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About Us

NAM Today, an international monthly magazine of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM). The relevance of the NAM movement is to maintain peace and harmony between nations in the present international order. Function as a facilitation centre for socio-cultural activities with the over-all objective of people-to-people contact among NAM countries.

NAM Today was launched in 1987 to promote better relations among the member-states of the NAM. The journal was very successful under the editorship of the Founder Editor of NAM Today Dr. J. K. Patel.  Its editorial office is located in New Delhi and the magazine has its circulation among member countries.

After the death of the Founder Editor in 2012, his wife Ms. Pramoda Patel, the Executive Editor of the journal stepped in as the Editor-in-Chief of NAM Today in September 2012.

In 2013, NAM Today was re-launched as the journal for the New Age Mind and a new Editorial board was formed all under the editorship of Ms. Pramoda Patel. The revised model of the journal focuses on key areas like Diplomacy, Politics, Economics, Commerce, Science, Law, Academics, Environment, Education and Strategic Affairs.

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