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Nam Today (New Age Mind) is a monthly current affairs research journal published since 1987 from New Delhi (ISSN No. 2347-3193 and RNI No. 45896/87). It covers articles and in-depth studies on International Affairs, Diplomacy, Trade and Commerce, Corporate Sectors both public and Private, Finance, Environment, Culture, Education, Energy Sector, Science and Technology, IT Sector and Business Management.

This Journal is read widely and subscribed by policy makers, public representatives, corporate sectors both public and private, students and a large number of institutions, research organizations and universities in the country and abroad.

Dr J K Patel was the founding Editor of this journal. As Nam Today is meant for the New Age Mind, it always aims to emphasize publications based on quality research, the Journal being a Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journal. Our peer reviewed policies are strict in selection of articles and confidential.

As Nam Today is a research journal, we do not encourage partisan views and one sided approaches in our publication promoting this or that cause. It is open, independent and objective. We strictly go by merits of the articles and prefer to disqualify articles based on any kinds of recommendations.
At the same time we encourage young researchers to contribute to this journal which is open to topics of contemporary relevance.